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This is a personal invitation, welcoming you to apply and join the Universe of CorporateMediaConglomerateUmbrella. This is the only website where you can apply and land a position with CMCU and any of its Companies / Subsidiaries (etc) . FYI CMCU embodies every department : Business & Legal Affairs / I.T. / Design & Creative Services / Human Resources / Real Estate / Retail / Fashion / Film Making / Actors / Models / Finance / Engineering / Consulting / P.R. / Packaging / Logistics (just to name a few) . For the most part to be considered you must have a Bachelor's Degree with verifiable credentials from an accredited 4 year College or University. Please Copy and Paste your CV in the proper field, all questions must be answered . You're allowed to apply for more than one position. After application is received and if CMCU is interested a job description and details of an interview will follow.

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Andre BCtheTHRILLER Honeycutt Esquired Ph.D

Executive Owner Operator / CIO / CFO / CEO / COO / CRO / CSO

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