To be considered for representation and to become an iSlay Model, please review the following instructions in their entirety prior to completing the form. Be sure to Email your photos and model reel, prior to completing your submission.

The opportunity is to be an iSlay Model directly for CMCU brands, which includes 6ishCouture, AHoneyCasanovaWear and Utopia Footwear & Fashion, but also including the other CMCU companies and subsidieries.

EMAIL photos to (All photos should be in one single email use your first and last name as the subject title) do not send large files, if needed send your videos in a separate email.

iSlay Modeling Agency is currently accepting FEMALE & MALE MODEL submissions.

Rename the photo files with your first and last name before emailing 

profile HEADSHOT ( EMAIL a photo of a frontal headshot looking into the camera)

EMAIL a FRONTAL 3/4 LENGTH photo (from the waist up)

EMAIL a LEFT SIDE full body profile photo (from head to toe)

EMAIL a RIGHT SIDE full body profile photo (from head to toe)

EMAIL a FRONTAL FULL BODY photo (from head to toe)

EMAIL MODEL REEL ( send a recorded video of you. In the video state your name, age, location and showcase your walk and anything special about yourself.)


NO smiles but do SMIZE (smile with your eyes)

Stand with posture straight, with shoulders back

Use a plain wall (preferably a white wall) as a background

Keep hair away from the face

Take photos in Natural Sunlight

NO filters


Creativity is the Spice of Life.

No Other Folks in your pictures.

NO hats.

Email photos and model reel to

We may not be able to respond to every submission. We do however make our best efforts to respond to all submissions. The individuals we are interested in will be contacted.