Equal Employment Opportunity Policy 

CorporateMediaConglomerateUmbrella instills it's commitment to equality of opportunity in every aspect of employment. Equal employment opportunity (EEO) is not only a legal requirement under our 
nation’s laws, but also a business imperative. EEO is a critical component of CorporateMediaConglomerateUmbrella efforts to recruit, develop, and retain the most qualified, diverse workforce to support our organization’s strategic mission 
of delivering to every household in the World.

It is the policy of CorporateMediaConglomerateUmbrella that all employees and applicants for employment be afforded equal opportunities in employment without regard to race, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity 
including transgender status), national origin, religion, age (40 or over), genetic information, disability, or retaliation for engaging in an EEO-protected activity. As part of its program of equal employment opportunity, CorporateMediaConglomerateUmbrella  prohibits discrimination or harassment based on any of these categories. In addition, it is also the policy of the Postal Service to prohibit discrimination or harassment based on marital status, status as a parent 
and past, present, or future military service. All employees must refrain from practicing or tolerating discrimination or harassment.

Employees found to have taken actions that violate this policy and our country’s EEO laws may be subject to corrective action up to and including removal from CorporateMediaConglomerateUmbrella .
All of us, executives, managers, supervisors, and employees, share in the responsibility for successfully incorporating CMCU’s policy on equal employment opportunity in every aspect of our duties and 
complying with this country’s EEO laws.