CorporateMediaConglomerateUmbrella together with its subsidiaries, is a leading diversified International Media & Entertainment Juggernaut that includes 100 percent ownership, in everything from Marketing, Advertising, Film, Music, Publishing, Studios, Fashion, Real Estate, Social Media, Video Gaming (Software & Hardware), food & beverage, Clubs, Restaurants, Major League Sports, I.T., Computers, Automobiles & it's technology, manufacturing, engineering, Urban Planning, Logistics, Banking & Financial products. 


Andre BCtheTHRILLER Honeycutt Esquired Ph.D. is the Executive Owner Operator, very hands-on as he is the Executive lead of every department, every division & every subsidiary, Andre is very hands-on precisely maneuvering and catapulting CorporateMediaConglomerateUmbrella into realms other companies have missed. CMCU is fully vested and integrated as the main Universal Leader in hands-on creating, art, music, film, and ads as well as the leader in directing, publishing, production, distribution, licensing, advertising, and marketing of all aspects of the Media and Entertainment Industry.